Reach for Purpose

17 May

I came across this Adinkra symbol today on flikr and wanted to share it with you as I believe firmly that we are all here to uncover, follow, and fulfill our purpose. I’m also ever amazed at the astounding wisdom our elders have left behind to help us on our journey.

Today, if you are feeling a bit off course in life and struggling to find your place; or if like me, you are bursting at the seams with creative energy so powerful that you know not where or how to get started in the midst of your busy daily life of responsibilities and obligations, just breathe. Take a moment to sit back and close your eyes in quiet solitude, breathe, and visualize where it is you want to go, need to go, must go to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Seek counsel from your spiritual source, surround yourself with positive people who affirm and uplift, then make small choices and decisions each day that get you one step closer to your desired destination. It will happen!

Most of all, never let go of the vision and know that the One who planted the gifts within you intends for you to share them with the world, great or small.


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