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Speak, Jill, Speak!

20 Jun

Love, dating, relationships and marriage have been the subject of many a recent conversation of my friends and I, and the question has surfaced many times about the state and future of Black love. As a married woman of 15 years, I’m in many ways unique from several of my single sisters who are struggling to find a ‘good man’. Beautiful, talented, independent women who are open to love and ready to give and receive love from a man whose secure in himself and secure enough to let them be the women they are.

We know the complexities…and Jill Scott, one of our favorite keepers of the spoken word, speaks to one of them like no one else can. Take a listen and weigh in with your thoughts…we’d love to hear your comments.


An Impromptu Message from Lisa…After the Storm

11 Jun

Lisa\'s PhotoGreetings Friends & Happy Tuesday to all!

Today is an absolutely beautiful day in my neck of the woods after a scorcher yesterday and a frightening electrical storm last night. It drove my family and I into one room where we huddled together in awe (and fright!) of God’s tremendous power. Trust me, we don’t do this for every storm, but the magnitude of this one commanded our full attention. We turned off everything! The lights, the computers, the tv’s, everything. And we didn’t make a sound…we simply listened, watched, and sat still.

I remember my grandmother doing the same thing when we were little. She’d have us gather in one room and told us to be silent in respect for God’s work. We would sit in silence, understanding as young children that a power greater than ourselves was ultimately in control. Grandma would sit with her eyes closed and arms crossed, rocking softly, and would pray and talk to the Lord until the storm passed. And surely the storm would pass just as last night’s storm did, opening up to a beautiful new morning and a fresh balmy feeling in the air. 

As I write this message, I realize how this relates so clearly to our daily lives and the promise it offers us when we’re confronted with storms…be they challenges in our families, in our marriages and relationships, in our health, in our minds, in our businesses and finances, in our nation, and in the world. 

Storms are inevitable and will surely come, but we must know and trust that peace, resolution, and healing will come in the morning. After the storm comes a beautiful new day full of choices, opportunities, and most of all…hope.

It is how we weather the storm that matters. Will we be restless, frantic, or pay no attention to the obvious rumblings of conflict and collisions brewing in our lives–just like the colliding hot and cold air systems that clash prompting the storm?

Will we keep moving without taking the opportunity to stop, listen, think, and pray deeply about our situations? Will we give the Creator time and space to do his/her work on our behalf. Or will we have to experience a full ‘power outage’ before we give our inner and outer lives–at the SOUL LEVEL–the attention and care that they truly deserve?

As each of you, including me, move through this beautiful new day TODAY (whatever the weather looks like outside), let’s do so with a grateful heart that we have been blessed with another opportunity to move forward, make changes and adjustments, and to grow.

Let us make a personal commitment to confront our challenges, our fears, and our storms with God’s help and with the help of those we trust. Let us prepare even in the midst of the storm for the BEAUTIFUL NEW DAY THAT WE CAN BE SURE WILL COME IN THE MORNING! 

And when it comes, as mine has come this morning with the shining of the sun and the singing of the birds outside my window, let’s EMBRACE IT with a grateful heart and a calm comfort knowing that we are loved, we are worthy, and we are able to do all things with effort, hard work, and most of all with God’s help!                      

Happy Tuesday!



6 Jun


Black Music Month


Reading The Pictures: The Clinch

6 Jun

Reading The Pictures: The Clinch
Michael Shaw

I looked at a mountain of pics from Tuesday’s decisive night, and kept coming back to this one.

First, I appreciate the color of Michelle’s dress, reprising — at least to me — the ’04 conclusion that America (in contrast to the hyper-polarized red state/blue state dichotomy perpetuated by the media) is actually a lot more purple.

I also appreciate Michelle’s proud, private, knowing, understated, intimate and unselfconscious expression, as well as the lack of tension in each partner’s body. Observing them these many months, it is evident to me that the Obamas’ ability to remain so relaxed is a natural expression of confidence.

Mostly though, I tried (fruitlessly) to imagine John and Cindy or Bill and Hillary celebrating the impending nomination with a fist bump, illuminating the fact that, as much as anything, the gesture — just like this outcome — is truly a generational thing.

(image: Scott Olson/Getty Images. June 3, 2008. St. Paul, MN)

Obama Wins Dem Nomination! A Few Stories…

4 Jun

Barack Obama Wins Democratic Nomination


It’s Obama’s party

Illinois senator finally secures the Democratic nomination, and becomes the first black man to lead his party

From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail

WASHINGTON — This is history. Barack Obama is the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president, the first African-American to lead the party of Jefferson and Roosevelt.

The Illinois senator secured the nomination last night after a spate of superdelegates – senior party politicians and officials – announced they would be supporting him at the Democratic National Convention in August. That, plus the pledged delegates he obtained after Tuesday’s final two primaries in Montana and South Dakota, put Mr. Obama past the 2,118 delegates needed to win the convention.

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Obama looks to unify Democrats after historic win

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

Barack Obama speaking in MinnesotaWASHINGTON (Reuters) – After making history by capturing the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama turns on Wednesday to the task of unifying a fractured party for a five-month battle for the White House with Republican John McCain.

Obama rocketed from political obscurity to become the first black to win the presidential nomination of a major U.S. party. The Illinois senator on Tuesday locked up the 2,118 delegates he needs for victory at the August convention.

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America is ready for Change…

4 Jun

IMG_1700.jpg, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.


4 Jun

IMG_1678.jpg, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.