Speak, Jill, Speak!

20 Jun

Love, dating, relationships and marriage have been the subject of many a recent conversation of my friends and I, and the question has surfaced many times about the state and future of Black love. As a married woman of 15 years, I’m in many ways unique from several of my single sisters who are struggling to find a ‘good man’. Beautiful, talented, independent women who are open to love and ready to give and receive love from a man whose secure in himself and secure enough to let them be the women they are.

We know the complexities…and Jill Scott, one of our favorite keepers of the spoken word, speaks to one of them like no one else can. Take a listen and weigh in with your thoughts…we’d love to hear your comments.


One Response to “Speak, Jill, Speak!”

  1. theblacksynergist July 4, 2008 at 5:40 pm #

    I truly love Jill Scott!!! She has such an amazing spirit. What a blessing it is to be a black woman in these days and times. I get to be classified with the Jills and Lisas of the world!

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