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Vote for SisterSpeak Online in 2009 Black Web Awards!

30 Jul


2009 Black Web Awards Nominee

2009 Black Web Awards Nominee



for the second year in a row, SisterSpeak Online Magazine has been nominated for the Black Web Awards! This year, we’ve been nominated in 2 categories as follows:

Best E-Zine (We Won Last Year–our first year online!)

Best Site for Sistahs (We’re really proud of this category)!

To win (winning is FUN!) WE NEED YOUR VOTES! We’ve got some great competition!

Click the live links above to go to the Black Web Awards/Black TV Site to cast your votes for us in each category! Note–when you get to the vote page, you’ll see all the nominated sites listed first with live links. Scroll down to actually vote!

YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE between now and the ballot closing period.

So Vote away–everyday (SMILES)!

Let’s do this!



Leading Women Speak At SisterSpeak Online!

22 Jul
Lisa Peyton-Caire

Lisa Peyton-Caire


I’m thrilled to announce the first installment of SisterSpeak Online Magazine’s new LEADING WOMEN SERIES!

Believe me when I say that I am PROUD to be among the ranks of women like Deena Pierott, LaShanda Henry, Akua Auset, Mia Morris, and Veronica Ciandre who represent only a few of the thousands of sisters my work allows me to come into contact with. I am deeply inspired and empowered by each of their unique contributions and experiences, and the impact they have and continue to make in improving the world as we know it.

I KNOW that you will be inspired too, and I invite you to take your time to dig deep into this issue! You’ll leave with more than you came and with tons to pass on to others who will certainly benefit too!

I would also like to pay homage to another Leading Woman, Mary B. Caire, my husband’s grandmother and great grandmother to my children, who passed into eternity on Sunday night after 92 years of love and service here on earth. Mrs. Mary was a woman of the highest caliber of integrity–a shining light in a world where compassion is often in short supply. Visit my personal blog to read more about her incredible life journey and the beautiful legacy she managed to leave behind.

Be blessed & enjoy!

In Sisterly Love,

Lisa Signature

The Right Wing Fears Black Women? A Must Read…

10 Jul

Happy Thursday Friends:

the piece below was forwarded to me on one of the many networks I belong to…I had to share and look forward to your comments. Feel free to send comments as well to its author, Dr. E. Faye Williams, Co-Chair of the Black Women for Obama Network at .

E. Faye Williams



Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

We continue to hear about the ensuing attacks of the right wing on Michelle Obama. Since when have right-wingers been afraid of Black women-or any Presidential candidate’s spouse? Black women have always been the caretakers of choice for their children from birth to adulthood. They’ve always entrusted Black women to cook their food and to run their households. Some even considered Black women to be their confidantes. So, how did they become afraid of us in the person of Michelle Obama?

Might it have something to do with the discovery that Michelle is a very highly educated, intelligent, phenomenal, dynamic, beautiful, brilliant, Black woman? Does it have something to do with her obvious love and respect for her husband with whom she’s not afraid to show that she has a special relationship? Does it have something to do with the fact that she does more than just stand slightly behind him gazing at him as though she could not move without his being there to lead her? Is it because she is an independent woman who has thoughts of her own without a script?

Why do they find it necessary to distort what Michelle actually said about “being really proud of her country for the first time in her adult life”? Is it that they don’t understand the English language and its rules? Have they never heard of being proud, prouder or proudest? It’s a question of degrees. Don’t they know that to be “really proud” is the highest degree of pride? That’s what Michelle was expressing. She didn’t say that she had never before been proud of her country. She couldn’t possibly have been in the highest state of pride all the time. No one is.

If Cindy McCain and right wingers have “always been proud of this country“, that’s really scary. Did they ever hear of the time when women in this country were not allowed to vote? Did they ever hear of the time when Black people could not vote, ride public transportation, live in any neighborhood they chose, eat in certain restaurants, enter through front doors and were denied equality of opportunity and justice? Do they know about the period of lynching? Did they hear about the concentration camps? Did they hear about the “Trail of Tears? Are they really proud of those times? If so, heaven help! I doubt that even Senator McCain would say he has always been proud of his country. Maybe people like Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson should ask them if they were proud of those not so long ago periods in our history.

Yes, I know that Senator Obama is trying to move us beyond those periods in time toward something better, and we who are Obama supporters want very much to do that too, but surely even Cindy McCain and the right-wingers cannot deny those things happened. Were they really proud then? I am a Black woman like Michelle Obama, and while I love this country, I certainly cannot say I am proud of everything my country has ever done. So, lay off Michelle Obama. She’ll be one of the finest First Ladies this country has ever known, and women all over this country and this world are proud of her accomplishments. We’d rather hear about ending the war, putting the economy back on track, resolving the housing and healthcare crises, fixing the problems created by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, educating all of our young people, and ending racism and sexism once and for all. Really!

Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq. is a National Obama Surrogate and Co-Chair of the Black Women for Obama Network.

Enough said. Your thoughts…


4 Jul
Lisa Peyton-Caire

Lisa Peyton-Caire


I was struck with a message this 4th of July that I want to share with you. It’s about independence–real independence—independence to seek, fulfill, live, do, be, and exist in our life’s purpose in every waking moment of our lives. Independence to carve out the life we envision in our minds, to be stable, thriving, and even prosperous in doing the things we love to do, and in providing for ourselves and our families in the way we want.

My ultimate goal in business–that one thing that pushes my crazy work ethic and personal drive, is the desire for financial, creative, and intellectual independence and total control over how I spend my time. I want to wake up in the morning and decide how I spend my day. I want to have breakfast with my children every morning, be present and available to them in the important moments of their lives, and spend quality time with my husband doing the things we enjoy. On top of all of this, I want full credit for my work and to be compensated based on the true value of my talents and contributions. In the process (yes, there’s more!), I want to make a real difference and be an inspiration to others along the way.

To achieve this, I must be fully independent and in full command of my destiny. But what does this mean?

I recognize that so many of us loosely use words like ‘independence’, ‘success’, ‘happiness’, ‘joy’– but what do they really mean? What does it mean to be fully independent and in charge of our work, our time, our money, our lives, our destiny; and how do we get to this ideal space?

I looked to the dictionary for a little insight.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of independence left much to be desired:

in·de·pen·dence (SAY IT WITH ME)! (Noun): the quality or state of being independent

So to dig further, I had to look up independent, which is when the real light came on for me:

in·de·pen·dent (adjective)
  • not dependent
  • not subject to control by others : self-governing
  • not affiliated with a larger controlling unit <an independent bookstore>
  • not requiring or relying on something else
  • not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct
  • not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood) <independent of her parents>
  • being enough to free one from the necessity of working for a living <a person of independent means>
  • showing a desire for freedom

As I read each of these statements, I could feel a tingling sensation emanating from the top of my head as I whispered “YES, YES, that’s what I’m aiming for, what I deserve, what pushed me down this road of entrepreneurship, the space I’m determined to exist in, and where I want all my enterprising sisters and brothers to exist with me”…in the space called INDEPENDENT!

But how do we get there? What are the steps, and how to we weather the transitions and storms that we are bound to encounter along the way to true independence? How do we jump from employee to owner; from consumer to producer, from spectator to the main attraction? How do we achieve independence in our work life, business pursuits, or simply as individuals–as WOMEN–who recognize that we’re relying on others to make our way for us when in fact we alone are responsible for making our own way?

There’s one simple answer, friends, and that is to JUST DO IT, as my dear friend Crystal Washington aka The Black Synergist reminded us this morning…or like the incredible Donna Maria Coles Johnson, president of Indie Business Media, LLC, who encourages us to “do at least one thing today to declare (our) independence from relying solely on traditional means of employment to secure (our) well-being…”.

Two of the points in Donna’s Indie Business Pledge offer us a starting point:

6. I will positively impact my family legacy by empowering my children and other family members to use their talents and gifts to generate income so they need not be solely dependent on a traditional job to secure their future.

7. I will actively support and encouarge other families to start and manage profitable businesses so they can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning your own business.

This may involve one big step or several small steps, but for sure, it will take ACTION on your part. For certain, you must start with:

  • a plan that includes mapping out the vision of the life you want
  • identifying your passions & your marketable skills
  • identifying the nuts and bolts of how to get started, and…
  • establishing a timeline and strategy for how and when you’ll get to your desired destination, understanding that it’s a journey, not a quick trip!

Did I mention PRAYER, FAITH, PERSEVERANCE, and the willingness to take a bold risk or two? You’ll need those too, and a network of like-minded, supportive, forward-thinking peers to collaborate with and draw inspiration from.

There’s a wealth of resources on the web, in the library, and in the hands of folks you know and are soon to discover once you make the DECISION to pursue and achieve INDEPENDENCE!

The biggest point to remember is that You can do it! Now get busy planning, doing your research, making your connections, working your networks, and plotting your course to independence!