It’s National Women’s Health Week…What Will You Do for YOU?

13 May



This is a reminder that it is National Women’s Health Week, and I have a question for you…

What will you do for YOU this week to promote your personal health & wellness?

Of course, I know many of you are already on track and living consciously in a practice of daily wellness. We really want to hear how you’ve integrated wellness and a health culture into your daily routine and way of being. 

And for those of you who are more like me…willing, open, and trying but struggling to maintain balance and a consistent practice of self-care, I’d like to hear what you will do–and are doing right now, today, this week– to get to where you know you ought to be. 

I’ll be the first to say that I need to get consistent on a fitness/exercise routine. I eat pretty well, but exercise is virtually missing. I live a high-paced life with a tendency for high stress and I know that exercise could relieve a lot of this. Also, I know it is essential for my cardiovascular health which I must be very cognizant of at all times.

So I have committed to working out at least 1 time this week and walking 1-2 more days; doing this for 2 weeks, then graduating to a 2-day a week workout in addition to the walking. This is a start. 

What about you?



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